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Michael Nygard, where have you been all my life?

I know my previous post was on how great a book Release It! is, but have you subscribed to Michael’s blog, Wide Awake Developers? In particular, did you see Budgetecture and its ugly cousins? Beautiful. There’s lots of fun quotes in this short post, but here’s the one I like best.

Of course, if databases didn’t cost so much, nobody would care how many of them there are. Which is why MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and the others are really so useful. It’s not an issue to create twenty or thirty instances of a free database. There’s no need to collect them up into a grand “enterprise data architecture”. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. You can finally let independent business units evolve independently. Independent services can own their own data stores, and never let other applications stick their fingers into its guts.

Oh, boy! This is good stuff.

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