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Lesson One: REST from the Beginning

Lesson One is finally up (and, yes, this is about the pace you can expect). It’s a brief discussion on the Lean and pragmatic approach that Pasithea will be taking in developing Xprest and how the development team got REST into the system from the get go.
Next up: A roadmap for Xprest and Lesson [...]


Lesson Zero

Lesson 0 of the Xprest project is up.
It’s mostly just installation and configuration information, nothing terribly REST-oriented.  But you might want to give it a read through if you’re planning on following along.  There’s also a nugget or two in there and a question for you, dear reader.


Introducing the Xprest Project

The good people at Pasithea Corp have assembled a core team of IT, HR, and Accounting people to specify and build the new expense report management system, code named Xprest.
There’s not much there yet and what’s there is pretty dull, but here are the initial documents to start driving the project forward.

Project introduction
Project overview
High-level requirements

As [...]

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We kick puppies too

Is REST over-hyped?  Is WS-* viable?  Is SOA evil?  Stefan steps up to the plate with RESTafarian SOA Killers.

Speaking at QCon Next Week

This is a long-delayed post.
Next week is QCon San Francisco. Stefan generously offered me a slot in the “Connecting SOA and the Web: How much REST do we need” track, alongside Steve Vinoski, Sanjiva Weerawarana, Dan Diephouse, and other luminaries. Woot.
For my part, I’ll be demonstrating the “ilities” of REST. Yes, rather [...]

The Human Condition

So the battle still rages over on SOA Discuss. However, the list server seems to have crapped out. So, while I haven’t been an active participant by any means, I’m pulling this from my sent mail folder and posting it here.
Anne Thomas Manes wrote:

The problem is caused by the root culture of IT [...]

Towards a better network programming taxonomy

Previously I defined and redefined some terms to be used when discussing networked systems. With feedback from Sam Ruby, Josh Haberman (in the comments), and Steve Jones, plus smoe more thought on my part, I would like to present a more refined version of the same. With this post I’d like to introduce [...]

What is SOA?

Once again the participants in the SOA discussion group have got themselves all riled up about what exactly SOA is and why it may or may not be working. Here’s my two cents. We’ll start with another history lesson. (Skip it and get to the meaty bits.)
Once upon a time, the employees of [...]

Slides from Roy’s presentation

Over on REST-Discuss, Roy Fielding dropped an innocuous message containing a link to the slides he’s delivering (has delivered) today at RailsConf Europe.  I’m pleased to see that much of the material lines up nicely with my own REST Easy workshop.

REST Workshop Slides Available

You may or may not know about Burton Group’s Catalyst Conference that’s held twice a year; once in North America and once in Europe. But at the North American conference we offer in-depth, 4-8 hour workshops on a variety of subjects. This year, I created and delivered a four hour workshop on REST, [...]