Resource-Oriented Architecture Maturity Model

Maturity Level Prime Business Benefits Scope Critical Technology Success Factors Critical People & Organizational Success Factors Selected Relevant Standards Key Goals Key Practices
5 Beaucoup Resources Everything is accessible to everybody Everyone and everything WS-* banned from the workplace Developers

Mandate that all systems expose a RESTful interface

HTTP Get out of the way Write code
4 Lots of Resources Dramatic reduction in number of meetings and PowerPoint slides Partners, integrators, business users, the CIO's office, accounting, HR, Sales, ... Developers understand what "Hypermedia as the engine of application state" really means Developers

EA Group disbanded

HTTP Get shit done Write code
3 Still More Resources Network effects kick in. Value of IT resources finally realized Integrators, business users, and, surprisingly, that proto-geek in accounting Developers discover ETag and Last-Modified headers Developers

Business units begin to expect accessibility

HTTP Make everything network accessible Write code
2 More Resources More information becomes accessible. Interesting mashups happen Application integrators, business users Developers grok the difference between POST and PUT Developers

No one allowed to put the brakes on success

HTTP Make legacy systems network accessible Write code
1 Initial Resources Some information actually becomes accessible Sponsoring Business Units Decent HTTP library Developers

Nobody's watching

HTTP Make new systems network accessible Write code

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